• Mystery Box

Mystery Box

Our new Mystery Box will contain of NEW Pre-release Glitters, New Pre-release Mica's, as well as 1 mystery item which could be anything from vinyl samples to epoxy samples and more. The aprox value of the box will be $40 or more but the monthly cost will remain at $30 no matter what is included!!!

The cut off date for Mystery Box purchase/shipment is the 12th of the month. Any Mystery Box purchased after the 12th of any month will ship the following Month.

Mystery Boxes will ship no later than the 15th of every month.

This product is a Monthly Subscription and will be billed at the same time every month until the customer cancels. Subscription Boxes are mailed during the first week of every month. That means if you sign up in the middle of a month you will not receive your mystery box until the following month.